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Grace Evans a herbalist and founder of Whitsunday Herbal was established in July 2020 as a sister Company to compliment essential health products manufactured by Whitsunday Myrtle.

Locally based in the Whitsundays, Queensland, Australia, Grace discovered a gap in the marketplace between deriving an essential oil from plants to actually consuming the plant constituents in a tea infusion form. The freshly blended organic botanical herbs are popular for their remedial properties and delightful flavours. We believe if the human body is given the right conditions, it has an amazing ability to heal itself. 

Family is the backbone of Whitsunday Herbal and we pride ourselves on sharing our knowledge and your journey with a product full of benefits and value. 

We offer premium organic dried herbs ready to be infused by steeping or boiling for 10-15min in filtered water. Some of our herbs are grown on the property in the Whitsundays and sundried. We also source other herbs required from Australian Certified Organic producers (ACP) who are congruent with our ethics and standards. Herbs and history are inseparable and we continue to cultivate a deep knowledge of plants, their constituents and how herbs can lend to a healthier and happier us.

We encourage you to discover our range of organic tea blends and individual herbs that puts your health first.

Whitsunday Herbal is where YOU matter! 



To reach our community one on one and unlock the knowledge of herbs and our hand blended herbal teas. To enhance one’s well-being, envelope the senses, motivate the mind, unleash potential and hope.


We believe through natural choices that nature provides the answers to give wholeness to our mind, body and soul. We believe in results, driven by the purity of our products and purity in our purpose. 100% organically sourced, focused on providing solutions as we take each herb to create its purpose.


We are focused on absolute freshness and sustainable harvesting methods. Family is the backbone of our business and we pride ourselves on sharing our knowledge and your journey with a product full of benefits and value.